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Every Individual Is Important

We continuously aim to deliver high-quality products and focus on effective quality assurance and controls to meet all farmers’ expectations.

We maintain our endeavours with a strong focus on safety and take the health, safety and the welfare of all our rural clients seriously.

We are committed to Zero Harm on all the farm sites we work and achieve this by cultivating safe work behaviours through proactive leadership, and promote the diligent use of proven systems and processes.

Our commitment to quality and safety seeks to provide farmers assurance that we will deliver exceptional results across all projects


In 2011 we launched a workplace safety campaign called Ahrens Safe. The Ahrens Safe logo appears throughout our business – on our uniforms, vehicles and machinery, in workshops and on construction sites – to remind all employees that every individual is important.

Our aim is to ensure every employee returns home safely to their family at the end of each work day.

Quality Built Over 100 Years

We aim to deliver high-quality results in all areas of our business and focus on effective quality assurance and control to ensure we meet the expectations of our clients and other stakeholders. Our Group Quality Procedures outline the responsibilities and requirements of employees companywide across all day-to-day and project work and the systems and processes they must employ.

We develop a specific Quality Plan at the beginning of every project in line with relevant legislation and any client requirements. This is our blueprint of how we will ensure quality across every aspect of a project and how it will be effectively measured and monitored. The plan also outlines all tools available to the team and any training required.

Ongoing quality control ensures all non-conformances are identified, reviewed and rectified in a timely manner and in line with agreed standards. This enables us to continually evaluate our performance against our own standards as well as our clients’ expectations.

Our commitment to quality and continual improvement provides all our clients with the assurance we will deliver exceptional results across all project elements.

Our Quality Management System is certified to the international standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 and is certified by LRQA, an internationally accredited certification body.