What are grain silos used for?

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Recent bumper grain harvests experienced in parts of Australia have been met by farmers eager to grow their on-farm grain storage infrastructure assets.

It’s an unsurprising result when you stop to consider the fast pace in modern machinery and on-farm efficiencies used today in a bid to grow grains – an essential lifeblood that feeds people and animals worldwide.

Australian growers continue to provide food products that are world class in terms of quality, and our agriculture provides more food than is required on continent, allowing for a growing and profitable export sector.

Continual growth recorded in Ahrens’ sales order list for quality grain silo infrastructure and equipment is also in response to primary producers striving to increase their grain quality, marketability and value.

This notable trend is backed by a recent report, shared by Grains Research & Development Corporation, highlighting on-farm capacity doubling over the past decade to 2021, with growers now able to store 41 per cent of their production capacity on average.

So what are Ahrens grain silos used for?

Quite simply, grain silos help land professionals store bulk materials, and while there are many other ways to store grains, silos are considered the popular option for Australian farms.

Generally, silos are cylindrical structures made in a variety of sizes, to store varying tonnage, and in Australia are traditionally constructed from either steel or concrete. These tower silos are designed to store grain for crops, or to feed livestock and animals.

Ahrens grain silos walls and trusses are made of quality Australian steel, making them strong and durable, and able to withstand the pressure of Australia’s changing climate. Our unload applications, such as augers, also help to make the transfer process more efficient.

Depending on the grain variety and storage conditions, silos can be used to hold products for up to two years sustainability, enabling farmers to take advantage of premium pricing.

Ahrens steel grain silos are designed, manufactured and built to store all types of cereals and legumes, including wheat, barley, canola, lentils, chickpeas, lupins, oats, lupins, etc.

Our silos are used to bolster your harvest efficiencies and streamline logistics from crop to silo, which is helping to reduce downtime and associated freight costs.

One valued Ahrens Rural client, fifth-generation Victorian farmer Peter Weir, shares that not only is Ahrens’ infrastructure adding value to his crops, but they also make all aspects of the grain harvest more enjoyable and efficient.

“From headers and trucks to the marketers and buyers – all see and reap the benefits,” he shares.

Furthermore, having greater on-farm grain silo infrastructure helps with complete product segregation providing you with greater organisation at your end.

In addition, our silos also enable you to maintain grain quality due to providing optimum storage temperature and moisture through a GasLock seal.

Sealing options also help to greatly improve the effectiveness of your farming operation to safeguard against devastating pests such as rodents and insects, such as weevils.

Due to our extensive silo range, quality steel and workmanship, we can make help make your on-farm infrastructure the easiest decision you’ll make in protecting you investments following harvest.

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