What are the different types of grain silos?

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Preserving your annual yields on-farm today has perhaps never been easier with access to multiple custom steel fabricated silos which help to maximise your returns.

At Ahrens, we offer a range of silo storage solutions to suit your farming operation needs. Our range includes transportable and flat bottom silos, in addition to field bins, feeders and augers.

We manufacture individual silos or complete grain storage systems to suit all types of grain, fertiliser, dairy, seed and feed.

Transportable Silos – To date, our transportable silos range from 55 to 126 tonnes, with our grain silos involving core options:

  • Sealed and pressure tested
  • Fumigation system
  • Fully welded
  • Silo section ring beam to enable effective clean out
  • Zincalume® steel sidewalls and roof construction
  • Ground operated pressure sealing centre fill, with stainless steel cabling hand winch
  • Sight glasses to indicate grain level
  • Manual discharge slide gate
  • Wide bay for ease of access with an auger or belt conveyor
  • Accessible base manhole and door
  • Down plate and block for under silo base ring to enable sufficient clearance for drainage and site hygiene
  • ‘AnkaScrew’ connection to concrete
  • 600mm discharge clearance


Flat Bottom Silos – Our silos range from 800 to 3000 tonnes, with guaranteed sealing throughout GasLock system.

We further provide fan-forced fumigation options to suit all your storage requirements and specifications including:

  • Fumigant recirculation system
  • Ground level centre fill control
  • Level indicators
  • Eave inspection hatch
  • Side wall access door
  • High capacity unloaders with emergency slide gate
  • In-floor aeration system
  • Aeration options available to suit your requirements


Our Industrial Rural Infrastructure has the ability to deliver on projects such as feedmills, grain handling and export facilities through to process plants and more.

Above others, we design and construct all our grain silos, and our in-house capabilities mean we happily pass the savings onto you.

Ahrens’ roll form line for our flat bottom silos also enable us to heavily reduce lead times, giving us greater control in a competitive market. Our silos also proudly bare the Australian Made logo and we are a 100 per cent Australian owned and operated.

In addition, our custom made silos are proven to withstand the changing climate, ensuring the investment decisions made by you are realised for the long-term.

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