Why on-farm storage is a game changer

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A noticeable surge in small to large-scale farmers growing their on-farm grain storage infrastructure is proving to be money well spent, not to mention time saved.

The bold move – bolstered by consecutive good seasons experienced on the land – has opened up new market opportunities for farmers set on to taking greater control of their farm’s future.

Traditionally, and still common today, bulk handling co-operatives store and distribute grains for primary producers Australia wide and overseas.

While these commercial companies continue to play an integral part in grain and cereal distribution nationwide, Aussie farmers’ confidence is steering them in a different path and removing the “middle man”.

Grain silo storage now plays a key role in the marketing function of a farm by holding and preserving the harvested grains until needed for milling purposes, export or animal fodder.

Benefits of on-farm storage also include greater control, efficiency and flexibility over the planning of your daily operations and sale of your grains.

Quality steel fabricated infrastructure is adding value to farmers’ crops and boosting their grain marketing options by storing grains beyond the harvest season as you wait to secure best possible prices.

Silos are now considered ‘better than money in the bank investments’, with major expenses of fuel and wear and tear saved on the freighting of grain generally trucked to large bulk handling receivals, some several kilometres from farms.

Some farmers also argue, the change will help remove the high volume of trucks from the roads, normally experienced during harvest time, and potentially less damage to road surfaces and accidents involving heavy vehicles.

The addition of rural infrastructure is also creating better efficiency on-farm for you or your employees. In most cases, farmers truck grains straight from the harvester to receival and experience lengthy waiting times for unloading during the peak of harvest.

The flexibility of silos enable farmers unlimited storage during the good seasons and maximising your general harvest efficiency.

In contrast, the changes further mean greater planning especially should you experience an especially wet season or consecutive years of drought.

Investments made in storage infrastructure also means you have the advantage of keeping enough stock feed or seed to help you weather that storm.

The demand in on-farm silo infrastructure has led to reports of farmers’ silos having paid for themselves in a few harvests, while others suggest longer.

At Ahrens, our in-house capabilities of designing, constructing, delivering and installing your silos mean we can pass the savings onto you.

Our roll form line for our flat bottom silos also enable us to reduce lead times, giving us greater control in what is now considered a competitive market.

Our silos also proudly carry the Australian Made logo and we are a 100 per cent Australian owned and operated.

In addition, our custom fabricated silos are proven to withstand the changing climate, ensuring the investment decisions made by you now are realised for the long-term.

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