Gus & Peter Weir


Ahrens silo infrastructure adds value and enjoyment

For five generations, Rainbow’s Weir family has diligently farmed their mixed operation and more recently have reaped the benefits of using Ahrens Rural’s grain storage and equipment solutions.

Gus and son Peter, who manage a large-scale farm in Victoria’s southern Mallee district, say their connection with Ahrens arose in more ways than one.

“I had been a Sherwell client forever, so when Ahrens took over the business we continued that relationship,” Gus said.

However, it was Peter who convinced him to turn to Ahrens, also a fifth-generation family owned company from South Australia, after they acquired Sherwell in the late 1990s.

“Peter did the research on the silos our farm needed and compared these against other companies. He also went and inspected silos on other properties for a greater insight,” Gus explained.

Predominantly dealing in sheep, cereals and legumes, the broad acre farmers grow wheat, barley, canola, lentils, chickpeas, lupins and letch.

So it was only natural for the Weirs to turn to Ahrens for the original purchase and delivery of six 1,500 tonne flat bottom silos and more recently, six 63 tonne silos.

By choosing Ahrens infrastructure, the farmers can maintain grain quality due to the silos providing optimum storage temperature and pest protection through a GasLock seal.

Importantly, the storage solutions help them to bolster their harvest efficiencies and take control of their grain marketing in a bid to secure best possible prices. Ahrens’ outload equipment of augers and grain belts also help them to transfer their products with ease.

But Gus and Peter say their decision to use Ahrens’ highly functional and cost-effective infrastructure isn’t solely based upon financial gain.

“Not only is Ahrens’ infrastructure adding to the value of our crops, but they are also making all aspects of the grain harvest more enjoyable and efficient, Peter said.

“From the headers and truck drivers to the marketers and buyers – all see and reap the benefits,” he added.

Together they share a growing belief among farmers that, from an investment approach, storing grain on-farm with Ahrens’ quality steel silos is better than money in the bank.

“It certainly has been true this year and there would have been more money in that bank had we got more silos here,” Gus said.

As a result, the Weirs continue to expand their storage capabilities, with 10 by 81 tonne silos on order through Ahrens Rural.

“The construction people are good to deal with; any back up issues are dealt with and I have no complaints. I am happy with the silo range and everyone down the chain,” Gus said.

He said this includes support from D&C Grain Processing Sales Manager John Bickerton and General Manager of Ahrens Rural Aaron Bain.

For now Gus and Peter remain focussed on the 2022 season, hopeful this wet winter will turn to ideal spring conditions and produce another good harvest.

“Everything is going well at the moment. We have a bit rust in the wheat because it’s too wet, which is normal, yet we are optimistic for another decent finish,” Gus added.

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