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Ahrens Rural have been building silos for Lucindale and for farmers all over Australia for more than 60 years providing reliable and affordable storage options for grain and fertiliser storage that is crucial for many farming families for a variety of reasons year round.

Ahrens Rural offer a range of silos across a range of industries to suit all of your storage needs, with grain storage silos, fertiliser silos, field bins and flat bottom silos, even expanding into bigger industrial silos for feedmills and grain handling facilities.

No matter if you’re growing crops, running livestock, or even running a part time hobby farm with your family, Ahrens will ensure your needs are met, and assets protected.

Lucindale, South Australia

Lucindale is a small town in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia. The town is located 345 kilometres south east of Adelaide, and just 40 kilometres from Naracoorte.

The town was proclaimed on 25 January 1877  and was a station on the Kingston-Naracoorte railway line which opened around the same time and closed on 28 November 1987.

The climate in Lucindale, like much of the limestone coast, is temperate mediterranean with warm dry summers and cooler wetter winters, though is significantly drier than Mount Gambier with just 485mm of rainfall annually.

The town is mostly surrounded by farmland used for livestock, wheat and other grain, and hosts the annual South East Field Days – one of the largest events on the calendar in the Limestone Coast agricultural region.

What are Silos?

Silos have been used for more than 5000 years, and are traced back to some of the earliest evidences of human civilisation. This is because harvesting and storing grain led to communities growing around those storage sites and moving away from the traditional hunter gatherer societies.

Today, silos are still primarily used to store grain – and quite often still wheat or barley, as our ancient ancestors did – and help keep it safe from the elements, insects and other factors that may impact the quality of the stored grain.

In Australia these silos are typically made from concrete, wood or steel, and are found in towns all across the nation. 

Ahrens Rural designs, engineers and manufactures a range of steel silos for on-farm use, long term storage and larger feedmills or grain handling facilities and has been building industry leading, quality grain silos for towns like Lucindale since the 1950s.


We are rural for More than 120 years



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Ahrens Transportable Silos

Ahrens Transportable Silos range from 55 tonne to 126 tonne, with cone options to suit your application and are delivered fully assembled and ready for use.

With 4.95m and 4.4m diameter options, these grain silos are sealed and pressure tested in compliance with AS2628-2010 thanks to our Gas Lock system, and include a fumigation system, sight glasses and easy to operate ground level centrefill systems to make operation as simple as possible.

Made in Australia from Zincalume® Steel, and with an industry-leading 5-year warranty, Ahrens Silos continue to set the standard for grain storage in Australia.

Grain Silos Cover

Sometimes you need to store fertiliser in a safe place for long term storage, either due to bulk purchase at a lower price, storage of unused fertiliser or simply long term planning and that’s where Ahrens Fertiliser Silos come in.

Allowing for 56 to 82 tonnes of fertiliser storage, these silos are made from genuine Colorbond® Steel, and like our grain silos include sight glasses, easy to operate ground level centrefill systems and are fully Australian made.

These silos include full 2-pac epoxy internal base cone coating for corrosion resistance and are sure to keep your store fertiliser safe for the long term.

Fertiliser Silos Delta Ag Local

When you need smaller silos for storage of grain for livestock and feedbag filling, you turn to Ahrens Seed & Feed Silos.

These smaller model silos – with a 600 diameter base, and easily transportable – include the standard sight glasses and Zincalume® steel construction, as well as a base outlet designed for easy filling of feedbags or baskets.

These can be used on their own or in collaboration with a larger transportable silo, and also come with our industry-leading 5-year silo warranty.

When it comes to grain storage of any kind, Ahrens Rural has you covered.

Feed & Seed

Ahrens Flat Bottom Silos Lucindale

Flat Bottom Silos for large storage

Ahrens Flat Bottom silo range from 700 to over 2000 tonne. All silos are Gaslock sealed to AS268.2010.

Ahrens Flat Bottom Silos are engineered to Australian standards for rural and commercial applications and are available with a wide range of unload systems and aeration options.

With guaranteed sealing through our GasLock system, we provide fan forced fumigation options to suit all your storage requirements.

A Range of Flat Bottom Silo Sizes

Ahrens Rural offers flat bottom silos from 700-2000 tonnes.

All Ahrens Flat Bottom Silos are GasLock sealed to AS 2628-2010

Aerial view over agricultural grain silos. Cereal plants crop storage tanks

Lucindale Industrial Silos

Flat Bottom Silos for large storage

Ahrens has the ability to deliver highly-functional value-for-money engineering projects throughout Australia. Our past projects range from feedmills, grain handling and export facilities through to processing plants, storage sheds and infrastructure works.

Over many years, Ahrens has built a strong vertically-integrated structure, empowering the company to be a cost-effective one-stop shop for all our clients’ project needs.

Our broad capabilities and experience mean we can deliver your complete industrial storage project– from design, estimating, steel fabrication & procurement through to construction and project delivery – or any individual element you require.

Being involved early in the design phase means we can finalise more details up front and coordinate works more efficiently. This enables us to incorporate all components of the project in the initial design and planning stage to avoid changes and variations later in the project.

Our collaborative and consultative approach means we work with our clients and other key stakeholders to establish agreed project outcomes and ensure every project is delivered on time and within budget.

large ahrens flat bottom silos in an industrial setting

Lucindale local information

Naracoorte Lucindale Council


DeGaris Place,
Naracoorte, SA 5271

PO Box 555,
Naracoorte, SA 5271


Lucindale Field Days and Ag Shows

Naracoorte Nearest Field Days

South East Field Days (Lucindale Field Days)


Usually held in Mid-March

Yakka Park,
3293 Ave Range Rd
Lucindale SA 5272

Lucindale Agricultural Show

Naracoorte Agricultural Show


Held Annually in Mid-October

Naracoorte Showgrounds
Smith Street,
Naracoorte, SA 5271

Things to do in Lucindale

Naracoorte Caves National Park

Naracoorte Caves is South Australia’s only World Heritage site, home to Australia’s most complete marsupial fossil record and some stunning cave structures.

You can take tours through these caves, and even camp or stay in accommodation nearby if you are stopping over.

Naracoorte Swimming Lake

If the weather is warm enough, take the chance to cool off in the huge and beautiful Naracoorte Swimming Lake.

This large and beautiful man-made swimming lake is the crown jewel in Naracoorte’s recreation facilities and is entirely free.

Lucindale Museum
Source: Wikimedia Commons
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