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Ahrens Silos Tasmania

Ahrens have been Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of rural infrastructure for over 100 years, and continue to manufacture high-quality assets for a range of applications.

Our grain silos, grain bins and field bins all come with a five-year warranty, are gas lock sealed, and are made in Australia for Australian conditions.


Ahrens Silos Tasmania

Despite being the smallest state in Australia, Tasmania more than carries its weight when it comes to the agriculture sector. Thanks to isolated conditions keeping the state free from many pests and diseases, as well as strong growing conditions, Tasmania has a strong food processing sector which includes dairy farming and livestock as well as fruits, vegetables and grains.

Storage silos are vital pieces of farm equipment in states such as Tasmania with such a large agricultural footprint, and Ahrens is the #1 choice for Australian farmers when it comes to rural infrastructure.

Ahrens have been providing quality steel infrastructure and engineering solutions to Australians for more than 100 years. Wherever you are in Tasmania or across Australia, Ahrens has the capacity to manufacture silos or grain storage systems to suit all types of grain, fertiliser or dairy storage, and guarantee the quality with an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Ahrens remains an Australian owned and operated family, unlike many other famous Australian brands, and is a family-run business to this day. With Ahrens silos you will learn firsthand the difference 100 years of manufacturing experience makes when it comes to quality, safety, durability and customer service.

Whether you’re a small or large scale operation, from hobby farms up to expansive agricultural businesses, delivered fully assembled and ready for immediate use*; there is an Ahrens Silo solution for your property.

* Flat Bottom Silos are built on-site and are not delivered fully assembled

Our Range of Farm Silos for Tasmania

No matter what you need a silo for, Ahrens can help. With products and models across a range of categories, that will safely and securely store your harvested crops or stocks of grain, seed and feed.

All Ahrens Rural silos are in operating condition on delivery*, ready to store your harvested grain, reduce your transport costs and frequency, or feed your livestock with an in field feeder system or easy filling of feed bags.

* Flat Bottom Silos are built on-site and are not delivered fully assembled

Grain Silos for Sale TAS

Transportable Grain Silos

Ahrens range of transportable grain silos – sometimes referred to as grain bins, or simply grain silos – are available in a wide range of sizes in Tasmania from our 23-tonne TS-3400-23 model to the much larger 126-tonne TS-4950-126 model, and can be modified to fit your applications in terms of cone shape, ladder and roof options, and silo aeration.

These transportable grain systems are flexible and can be designed as one individual silo or as complete grain storage systems, depending on your specific needs for capacity, size and the number of required silos.

Ahrens transportable grain silos take the headache out of your farming experience with a strong range of base features and accessories, including a fumigation system, silo sight glasses and an industry-leading footing design, as well as being Australian made from Australian Zincalume® Steel, with fully welded and galvanised base. 

All of Ahrens’ transportable grain silos are GasLock sealed and pressure tested in compliance with Australian Standards AS 2628-2010, ensuring that your stored grains, seeds or pulses stay fresh and safe from moisture, pests or contaminants.

Seed & Feed Silos

While Australia’s grain production is a vital part of our farm-to-table economy – with most Australian pasta, rice, cereal and oils being produced from Australian grown grains, pulses and seeds – a major portion of our produced grain is used to feed livestock and animals on farms across Australia.

With over 100 million head of cattle, sheep and pigs across the country, and a further 20 million chickens it is vital that farmers have access to available feed that is kept in a long-life storage facility that keeps out insects, water and contaminants whist requiring minimal maintenance; which is where seed & feed silos come in.

Seed and feed silos – or simply seed silos – are rural storage facilities used on farms and pasture properties to feed for livestock in the form of grains, pellets and silage, and to provide a safe and secure vessel to store these important farming resources until they are required. Ahrens seed & feed silos also include a ground-operated lid opener with a stainless-steel cable system for improved safety and ease of operation.

The range of elevated seed and feed silos available from Ahrens runs from 5.3 tonnes to 16 tonnes and come with the option of including a blow tube and/or air vent. These portable silos are fitted with sight glasses, external sidewall ladders and a roof handrail and ladder. Larger sizes include a cage and platform for your safety, and all Ahrens seed & feed silos are made from genuine Zincalume® steel.

Flat Bottom Silos

If it’s something much larger you’re after, for a storage facility, processing plant or large-scale farming enterprise, then flat-bottom silos are the answer.

Unlike the transportable silos across the rest of our range, flat-bottom silos are constructed on-site, providing upward of 400 tonnes of storage, with the most common models offering more than 800 tonnes of storage.

These impressive pieces of rural infrastructure come with all Zincalume® walls, roof stairs and vents, eave inspection hatches, level indicators, side wall access doors and access crossover platforms. All silos in the FB range include an industry-leading footing design that incorporates high-capacity 300mm unloaders with emergency slide gate and an in-floor aeration system.

 As with all of Ahrens larger model silos, these flat bottom silos are gas lock sealed to AS 2628-2010, and also include a fumigant recirculation system. Unlike hopper bottom silos, flat bottom silos are machinery operated rather than gravity fed.

Field Bins for Sale TAS

For harvesters on the go, or with large properties, transportable silos are often too large of a product, as they are unable to be moved easily to parts of the property that require a bit of time to get to.

That’s where field bins come in.

Ahrens Field Bins are designed to be more convenient and portable than the larger transportable silos, and this range of grain bins are available in a range of sizes from 31 tonnes to 37 tonnes, and can be manufactured in either a Zincalume® or Colorbond® steel finish. 

These on-farm storage systems can be transported on the back of a truck or even towed by tractors, resulting in a low amount of non-productive time when harvesting. The advantage of field bins – regardless of if they are gravity fed or PTO operated – is that they can be operated by one person, allowing more efficient work.

Grain Feeders for Sale Tasmania

Grain Feeders for Cattle

High-quality cattle are well feed with good nutritional value, and it is important to ensure that your cattle are getting the correct diet – especially if your property doesn’t provide adequate nutrients.

There are approximately 2.5 million cattle in Tasmania, used for a combination of dairy and meat products, and it is vital that their needs are met in order to improve the value of your produce and make the most out of your land.

Where hay and grazing alone doesn’t cut it is where grain feeders come in, utilising the quality grain produced all across Australia to provide adequate dietary nutrition to cattle – whether they are dairy cows or beef cattle – and Ahrens offer a range of feeders available including circular feeders, trailing feeders and hay cradles.

These quality feeders include a centre fill to ensure complete filling, skids for easy manoeuvring, a weather shield and the ability to adjust the feed rate. If required they can also be fitted with a wheel kit or blow fill kit.

Sheep Grain Feeders

Tasmania is home to approximately 2.5 million sheep, with a strong wool industry thanks to the greener, less dusty conditions the apple aisle provides. Lamb and mutton also provides the second highest livestock figure in the state in terms of gross value.

Sheep require their own specific feeding, as the amount of copper contained in a cattle pellet can be toxic for sheep, and barley triticale and wheat can result in grain poisoning. To maintain a healthy diet, sheep should consume a combination of sheep pellets, hay, oats and whole lupins, and this grain or silage is important when pastures are deficient in energy and protein.

In these circumstances, it is best to employ a series of feeders and hay cradles to ensure your flock have access to nutritional feed year-round. Ahrens Rural offers a range of sheep feeders for supplementary feeding or intensive feedlotting, ranging from 8 to 16 tonnes, and available as circular feeders, hay cradles and trailing feeders that include a centre fill for complete filling, skids for easy manoeuvring, a weather shield and an adjustable feed rate and come with the options of a wheel kit or blow fill kit.

Goat Grain Feeders

While only a small industry in Tasmania, as the demand continues to grow internationally, so too do goat herd numbers around Australia.

Goats famously will eat almost any type of grass or plant life available to them, however to maintain the best nutrition for their coats and meat, it is recommended that their diet be supplemented with feeds such as hay, alfalfa pellets, barley, corn and oats.

In order to provide a reliable supply, grain feeders and hay cradles are great alternatives to feed troughs. It is also important that your goats don’t have access to any toxic plants, as they will likely eat anything in their path! Ahrens provide the strongest and most reliable grain feeders on the market, and they can be easily moved by a single tractor or truck.

Fertiliser Silos for Sale TAS

In addition to a range of silos and storage solutions for grain and types of feed, many farmers also require silos to store other important items like fertiliser. When fertiliser has been purchased in bulk and needs to be protected from the elements, contamination and potentially igniting, it is important that it is stored properly, both for safety reasons and to protect your investment and save any additional fees that come with replacing lost product.

A fertiliser silo is the safest way to store your fertiliser, providing an additional layer of protection that you won’t get from storing it in a shed, tanks or bins, and Ahrens fertiliser silos lead the way with a range of quality features and an industry-leading five-year warranty.

Unlike grain silos, fertiliser silos require some additional precautions in order to ensure safe storage, with Ahrens fertiliser silos including a corrosion-resistant base coating, extended legs and stainless-steel parts in order to ensure the highest corrosion protection. These silos are available in sizes from 4 tonnes to 75 tonnes, and are made with the highest quality Australian materials, and are designed to meet a range of industry standards, specifications and requirements in all agricultural applications.

GasLock sealed silos prevent moisture from entering the silo, and are the best option for nitrogen fertilisers, as they need to be kept in a secure building in a cool dry place, away from any combustible materials or moisture. Temperature control is also vital when it comes to the storage of volatile fertilisers such as nitrogen. Fertilisers are also typically denser than grain, which requires a silo made of sturdier construction than a grain solo, with stronger or thicker material usually required for optimal performance.

Grain Harvesting in Tasmania

Tasmanian crop production peaked in the late 19th century, but is on the rise again as consumption of grain from the dairy industry drives up demand.

Tasmania produces a much smaller harvest of wheat than the rest of Australia, but still produces upward of 50,000mt of grain each year.

While not a new market for the state, grain harvesting is a resurrected market and more farmland is being used to grow wheat, barley, oats and similar grains across the state, often on multipurpose broadacre farming properties running cattle and sheep, or growing vegetables.

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